May 24, 2024

কারিগরি শিক্ষা গড়ে, বেকার মুক্ত দেশ, শেখ হাসিনার বাংলাদেশ!

The Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh is Approved, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and Recognized by the High Court. Gov. Regi No-13094.

Medical Seminar

Medical seminars are one of the most important of increasing the strength of the primary careers The General Medical Physician of Bangladesh organizes seminars on various topics for primary care physicians. These seminars are organized on a capital or district basis. The Quality Control Branch of General Medical Physician of Bangladesh works on seminars. The […]

Serious Education – Beautiful Locations

Physicians clearly have limited time. You need high quality CME that is to the point and applicable to your daily practice. You also want to be able to escape to world class destinations where you can relax with your family or colleagues, then return home refreshed. So, How Do You Get the Best of Both […]

Annual Educational Conferences

We all know how to improve our effectiveness by learning from the past. But with today’s complex issues in workers’ compensation, we need to anticipate future issues and how to handle them. At this conference, we will learn from insightfulspeakers, network, collaborate with others dedicated to solutions, and gain a better understanding of the issues […]

Medical Conferences

International Pediatric Scientists, Neonatologists, Pediatric Researchers, Pediatric Nurses, Pediatric Associations and Societies, Pediatric Faculty, Pediatric Physicians, Research Scholars, Student Delegates, and Exhibitors from all around the world will be participating at the conference. Oral presentations, poster presentations, keynote talks, workshops, and more will be featured during the conference. Related Conferences: Pediatrics Conferences | World Pediatrics Conference | Pediatrics […]

Virology and Infectious Diseases

Virology is the interdisciplinary branch of life sciences associated with the development, medical care, and viral diseases. The aim of Virology is to reduce viral diseases, control the spread of infectious diseases, and develop better vaccines to promote active lifestyles for a long disease-free life for all humans. Virology Asia 2022 will provide two days […]